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Title: Didnt expect this
Post by: whirligig on March 25, 2015, 20:47:40 pm
prept  the beep ready for first gamblers at Shakey ,took the heads of to shorten the push rod tubes . Removable ones but must be for stroker motors as they were 10 -12 mm to long,anyway Hollys fella (Pete at knapstok, plug plug) skimed them down on his lathe. We had taken Whirligig over to use the lift ect. When the heads were of I noticed the 3 and 4 barrels over laped on the fins and top one on 4 had cracked.Measured the gap and found 3mm bigger than it should have been.These are thick wall 1679 ones and it looks like not machined of properly.Removed no4 and dressed the fins between the barrels down with a flap disc, job sorted but not some thing I have come across before . It also looked like no3 may have not sealed 100% as there was a dark mark on the head seal but no damage.
  Runs fine fired up first compression!!!! Had to replace a drive shaft gaiter ,Pete had a NOS split fitting one made from real rubber so hope it will last longer than 2 years.Lets hope the wet stuff stays away for Sunday. 

Title: Re: Didnt expect this
Post by: dannyboy on March 25, 2015, 21:20:39 pm
good luck sunday  :)