The EMPI STORY Where it all Started

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Rick Sadler:
The name was then sold again to another company, Mr Bug, and is still in use today.

What about the Lyle Cherry ownership of the EMPI name?

John Rayburn:
The federal documents show Lyle Cherry as the rightful owner. Mr. Bug did some very " interesting things" in the documents regarding first date of use and deleting words over years to come up with a stand alone name showing EMPI's first date of use as 1983! It's enough to do prison time.

Shubee2 (DSK):
Quote from: John Rayburn on February 06, 2008, 17:33:50 pm

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GEE John I Did not know you could Cook?? ;D ;D

John Rayburn:
Cook, no. Heat up, yes.

Rick Meredith:
Best thing I make for dinner is reservations!  ;)


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