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 on: Today at 13:45:59 
Started by Tomi - Last post by mikko k

No progress because of other projects. Green super needs to be finished first. I need that lifter for race car.
Only FuelTech FT600 have been bought.

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 on: Today at 12:20:18 
Started by Neil Davies - Last post by leec
I have them on my 63. I was gutted when Nankang stopped doing the N803 as that was a modern tyre with a good looking sidewall.
I too would love new XZX's but the price is just wrong when you consider what other car tyres cost

 on: Today at 11:34:28 
Started by Tomi - Last post by desespringalle
Some news about this perfect project?

 on: Today at 11:21:41 
Started by Neil Davies - Last post by Neil Davies
That's pretty much what I wanted to hear! The choice seems to be them,  some secondhand Uniroyals on ebay, Michelins or Firestone F560.  I'll give them a go and see how I get on.

 on: Today at 10:50:08 
Started by Neil Davies - Last post by glassback kid
I have used them, they seem perfectly fine and grip is as what is expected from a skinny tyre, they seem to wear quite well ,
yeah the side wall is not as nice as a Michelin but it isn't to bad, plus mines not a show car so it doesn't bother me, for the price  I will be buying them again when I need a new pair.  Hope this helps

 on: Today at 10:19:56 
Started by JezWest - Last post by Neil Davies
Jez, I like the methodical way you approach things. With regards to gauges, I once saw a rally car with the gauges all clocked at different angles - it looked really messy, but the driver said that in normal operation, all the needles pointed upright. It was far easier to watch for a needle moving off vertical than trying to read a number. Something to justify the fuel pressure gauge?!

 on: Today at 10:10:58 
Started by Neil Davies - Last post by Neil Davies
I've decided to use some of this enforced downtime to get my Beetle sorted, and having sat outside all winter, one of the things it needs is a new pair of front tyres. I don't have the inclination to spend a couple of hundred pounds on a pair of Michelin 145s that'll probably dry rot before they wear out, so I've been looking at the Nankang CX668. They're available from a few sellers on ebay and elsewhere, and the best price I've found so far is a few pence over 75 for a pair, which I think is pretty reasonable.
Anyone used these before? What are they like? For that price I could have a new pair every spring!

 on: Today at 09:51:19 
Started by Good-Old-Ragtop60 - Last post by Good-Old-Ragtop60
So I hope the taillight-position is ok.
I tried some new wheels as well.
The centercolor could be a bit darker...what do you think?

 on: Today at 08:39:15 
Started by pl1979 - Last post by pl1979

 on: Today at 08:38:52 
Started by pl1979 - Last post by pl1979

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