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 on: Today at 22:53:53 
Started by leec - Last post by leec
Hi guys,

I'm after an original paint Elm Green drivers side door (RHD) for a 1970 beetle

Any one got one stashed away?

 on: Today at 22:51:45 
Started by pole_80 - Last post by Griebel

 on: Today at 19:44:51 
Started by GARRICK.CLARK - Last post by DaveN
I do drive motor car occasionally in winter only in the dry though

 on: Today at 15:19:32 
Started by pole_80 - Last post by pole_80

 on: Today at 14:40:51 
Started by Flow - Last post by Flow
I'm so thrilled to drive it again !!  Grin

Had some minors issues with the oil pump and the gas pump as they were old and not working for some years. So we went for new and better ones.

Now the engine runs very well, just as I wanted. It's perfect for the modern traffic, a lot of torque, enough power to overtake when I want and 130 kph at 3000 rpm on the highway  Cool

 on: Today at 09:30:30 
Started by Jukkis Maki - Last post by Jukkis Maki
Pferably 17" and from Europe.


 on: November 11, 2019, 22:29:09 pm 
Started by Flow - Last post by Nico86
Nice to see it back on the road! How's the engine going?

 on: November 11, 2019, 22:14:52 pm 
Started by GARRICK.CLARK - Last post by Nico86
Donít bother! Salt will rot your car or someone will drive into it, the amount of people I see daily using phones is unbelievable, chances of one of these idiots spotting your old bug indicating will be slim. Far too many distractions in a modern car for most people to concentrate.

It's crazy the number of arsholes I see using their phones or playing with the screens on their car while driving. But what do you want to do about it, watching car commercials lately all they can brag about is how you can connect your phone to it and have it on your dashboard screen. At some point there was even one of these ugly Citroens they do today with a camera on the rear view mirror on the windshield, that you could take pictures of what you were seeing through the windshield with as in first person view, and they were selling it as "your car taking selfies" or something stupid like that.

If it was me not only I'd make this illegal, but I would do something that forces your phone to turn off as soon as your car is on drive.

 on: November 11, 2019, 22:08:40 pm 
Started by GARRICK.CLARK - Last post by Nico86
I'll leave it we're it is then. I'd be F  ING furious if it rotted. Suppose I've done the engine mods at the wrong time of year. Gone bigger turbo with carb mods, engine is running again but can't test to see if the hard work has produced any torque gains. I'll have to think up another mod to do. Possibly ignition.

Cheers guys.

You can still do occasional short winter drives if you need to tune things up, but do it on a dry road and take the time to clean your car after it.

 on: November 11, 2019, 21:30:48 pm 
Started by Greg Ward - Last post by Neil Davies
The thing I've always worried about with building a new engine then thrashing it to seat the rings is the cam break in - how can you do both?

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