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Let's continue the reading of this old Volkwagen Greats issue with the engine specs.

Page 1 : General Specs.

Page 2 : Engine Specs.

Page 3 : Improved one... (Coming Soon)

- HYBRID HAULER (Volkswagen Great Spring 1973...) :

Above picture by Glenn MILLER. Awesome shot or what?

"Now to the real heart of the car where Darrell can really do his thing. The basic engine is a completely reworked '71 VW engine. The cc's have upped to 2090 or 127.5 cubic inches by altering both bore and stroke. A plain bearing Okrasa crank is completely worked and tufftrided and is fitted with full-floating forged steel Z/28 Chevy rods reworked by Childs and Albert. Yes, we said Chevrolet. Darrell likes them because they are longer and lighter than the Porsche rods. EMPI 88mm barrels are used but have been taken out to 89mm to match the forged Mahle pistons which are distributed exclusively through The Race Shop. Rings are Mahle stainless steel dykes units.

AWESOME "Crossed up" picture provided by Glenn MILLER. Thanks Glenn!!!

The crank assembly was balanced by Riverside Motor supply Co. An Engle F-32 camshaft is used along with their lifters. Manley valves are then fitted to the dual port heads. Currently, Darrell is using 40mm intake and 37mm exhaust. Norris dual springs are used and EMPI steel rockers activate the valves. Darrell did his things to the heads which have been ported, polished and surfaced by The Race Shop. They were also flow tested on their own flow bench. Carburation is handled by a pair of 48IDA Webers mounted on a set of EMPI cast aluminium intake manifolds.

Another rear view picture by Glenn MILLER.

Gene Berg's full flow oil filter is used. An EMPI oil sump and a Nikerson oil pump keeps the oil moving. A Joe Hunt Vertex mags fires this little dynamo and Fourtuned special header system channels the exhaust out a long chromed stinger. The interior was completely gutted except for the two becket seats that are required by NHRA. The sheet metal floor was cut away leaving the center tunnel and outer reinforced area. All this area was replaced with sheet aluminium by Tom Hanna of Westminster, who also did the dash metal work.

The roll cage in this car is more than just a safety feature. It is a vital part of the car's frame structure. Since the car was originally a roadster and Darrell removed a big portion of the sheet metal from the floor, the car needed something to tie it all together.

Darrell was looking for something more aerodynamic than the VW sedan for his new race car and we find his choice unusual and attractive. As of this writing the car has not appeared at an official event but when it does we think there's a good chance that the current NHRA H/G record may fall to a combination of German, Italian and American hot rodding ingenuity."

More to come soon...

Another shot of the interior...

Here's what was written in VW Greats : All new anodized aluminium paneling and dash is the handiwork of Tom Hanna. Foot pedal assembly is one of the few things left from the Fiat. A Jones-Motorola tach sits where it can be seen without difficulty.

As you can see from this two full pages ads in Hot VW's, Darrell's Fiat was sponsored by a VW Shop called Ron's Bug House.

I love so much those old adverts...

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